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What does Litig do?

Litig provides a unique forum for members to meet and share ideas on how best to address IT issues facing the UK legal sector. The group meets once a quarter to network, consider current issues and collaborate on challenges and opportunities affecting members and their businesses.

How do I join Litig?

Go to the Join Litig page and complete and submit the form to join Litig.  Membership applications are then reviewed and approved by existing members and you will be notified of the outcome by email.

Who can become a member of Litig?

Litig membership is restricted to individuals who are:

  • Partners in or employees of legal partnerships, LLPs or ABSs;
  • Employed in In-house Legal Departments;
  • Employed in Local or National Governmen Departmentst; or
  • Employed by or volunteer workers in 'Not for Profit' Legal Organisations.

Are there any Legal IT suppliers or service partners who are members of Litig?

No.  Whilst on a regular basis we work closely with suppliers and service providers, Litig does not accept applications for membership from such organisations unless they are 'Not for Profit' organisations or the applicant's sole role is one of In-house Legal Counsel.

Which roles do Litig members tend to have in their organisations?

Members tend to be senior professionals such as IT Directors/Managers, CIOs, Partners or Department Heads involved directly in all aspects of implementation, use and support of Legal IT systems.

How many members are there in Litig?

Litig has approximately 75 members at present.

How much does it cost to join Litig?

Litig is self-funded with a £600 annual subscription fee or £360 for in-house legal members.

Can I try Litig for free?

Yes.  If you satisfy the Litig membership types you can contact Litig and ask to attend one of the Litig meetings.

What benefits do I get from joining Litig?

  • Networking: easy access to opinion and information through a collegiate "know who" and "know how" network of 75+ law firms, barristers chambers, ABSs and law firm clients of all sizes.  Run quick surveys, ask questions by email or collaborate on matters common to more than one member;
  • Master classes: be better informed through participation in master class education sessions covering technology, legal aspects, industry specific compliance matters, governance and best practice;
  • Standards: make your own life and that of your business easier by helping shape the industry around you, building and promoting standards and ensuring your needs are taken into account;
  • Benchmarking: compare your department and your firms performance against others using key metrics in Litig's annual benchmarking exercise;
  • Projects: reduce the costs and effort of your department by benefitting from the output of Litig projects that your organisation would normally have to do and/or pay for individually;
  • Support: benefit from the above as well as being part of a fun, confidential and supportive group, run by its members for the benefit of the group and the industry as a whole.

How does Litig decide on the projects it undertakes?

Through regular discussions and reviews about “What’s hot?” for members or what is on the horizon for the Legal IT industry in general the Litig group works together to identify and prioritise suitable projects.

How do Litig members collaborate on projects?

As well as meeting and discussing topics at the Litig quarterly meetings, project teams may form for some topics and the members of the team will define a sensible approach to working together.  Further, Litig has a flexible online collaborative site to manage documents and knowledge sharing which all Litig members have access to.

What format do Litig meetings take?

Litig meets for full day session each quarter at a member’s office and covers an agenda based on topics and presentations suggested by its directors and members.  The hosting members firm provides light refreshments and a buffet lunch. Members are required to cover their own expenses regarding travel and attendance.

Where and when will the Litig group meet?

The dates and venues for future Litig meetings for are set out below. Only Litig members may attend and by invitation only.

Meeting Date Venue Info
Litig Meeting 30th June 2016 Hill Dickinson, London View Map
Litig Meeting 8th September 2016 Hill Dickinson, London View Map
Litig Meeting 1st December 2016 Hill Dickinson, London View Map
Litig Meeting 16th March 2017 Hill Dickinson, London View Map

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