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The Litig group considers many Legal IT issues at the quarterly meetings, by conducting brief online surveys, or via the collaborative efforts of a specific project team.  Whatever the approach, the output is available to Litig members. If the challenges and content are relevant to your business, apply to join Litig today to gain access to the presentations and reports on current and archived issues.

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Transaction Deal Bibles September 2009

It is standard practice at the end of larger transactions for in-house legal departments to be provided with copies of key documents used for the deal. A number of methods are used to store these "deal bibles" or "transaction volumes" but each raises issues. Research found that whilst many firms invest a lot of time and effort into producing branded DVDs on the basis these will be used by lawyers at their clients, increasingly the DVDs are delivered to IT departments who copy the files to shared network drives or document management systems.
In conjunction with the Knowledge Management and IT in-house Group (KMIT), Litig members have agreed a common standard for the exchange of electronic transaction deal bibles between law firms and clients.

Additional Information : Press release (PDF), Guidance notes (PDF), Summary (PDF)

E-Billing October 2004

Whilst a large number of companies are processing legal invoices electronically using the process of “e-Billing”, one of the early barriers to e-Billing in the UK was the lack of a known electronic standard in this area. Litig members recognised the benefit of e-Billing and worked together to recommend a LEDES UK standard which could be adopted by software vendors, law firms and clients.

Since Litig’s involvement with the standard further versions have been released.

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