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The Litig group considers many Legal IT issues at the quarterly meetings, by conducting brief online surveys, or via the collaborative efforts of a specific project team.  Whatever the approach, the output is available to Litig members – apply to join Litig today to gain access to the presentations and reports on current and archived issues.

The IT Crowd

June 2013

LITIG members talk to Legal Week about the biggest technology challenges facing lawyers, including a stark warning on cloud computing.

Additional Information : Feature Article (PDF)

10 years of Litig

February 2013

Some insight into Litig and its impact on the legal industry over the last ten years

Additional Information : Press release (PDF)

Death of the e-mail disclaimer? July 2009

Litig, with lawyer and counsel input, looked to eliminate e-mail disclaimers from law firm e-mails.  While it was determined a disclaimer was required the project helped define short, suitable wording.

Additional Information : Press release, Counsel's Opinion (PDF), Further Counsel Opinion (PDF)


KMIT/Litig Transaction Deal Bible 30th September 2009

With client service in mind KMIT and Litig worked together to define and agree a common standard for the exchange of electronic transaction deal bibles between law firms and clients.

Additional Information : Press release (PDF), Key Issue


Litig Releases supplier charter October 2008

Litig has released a supplier charter to give examples of what Litig members feel best practice looks like in the dealings between supplier and customer in the Legal IT industry.

Additional Information : Press release (PDF), Supplier charter (PDF)


E-Mail policy and good practice guide October 2005

Litig launches guides on e-mail policy and best practice.
Litig conducted research on the issues surrounding e-mail usage within the legal industry.  The group created two documents available for use by any firm covering the following topics:

  • E-Mail Management - User Good Practice Guide
  • Litig E-Mail Management - Acceptable Use Policy

Additional Information : Good Practice Guide (PDF), Acceptible Use Policy (PDF)


Litig launches new guidelines for electronic file management October 2005

Litig has been working with the Law Society to revise the Law Society’s e-mail guidelines and open the door to full electronic file management of client-matter files.  A key output of this collaboration is Litig’s reference guide to help people working in this area.

Additional Information : Press release (PDF), Key Issue


Roll up, roll up, get your taxonomies here! October 2005

Litig produced an easy to use legal taxonomy relating to the classification of training courses, seminars and newsletters provided by law firms to client to aid law firm and client communication.

Additional Information : Press release (PDF), Training calendar spreadsheet (PDF), Taxonomy, Key Challenge

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